Cloud & devops

Agility. Security. Performance.


After more than 10 years of existence, the cloud continues to take an increasingly important part in companies in a globalized market, always changing and accelerating.

The positive points of the cloud are agility, security, performance and access to test and innovation environments (IOT / Big Data / AI...).

Other issues arise from the cloud-oriented organizational model such as:

  • How can it be integrated into my current information system?
  • How to have the agility related to the cloud?
  • How to innovate with the cloud?

Ethic IT accompanies you in your reflections and the implementation of a hybrid or full cloud environment.


The DevOps culture is linked to the need for agility in cloud deployments, it allows for improved industrialization through automation. Automation has proven to save valuable time and allows our clients to be more focused to analyze further business needs. At Ethic IT, we immerse ourselves in what you do and find the best ways to augment, optimize, and rethink your processes.

Some examples of missions on which we can accompany you:

  • Understanding the customer context on public cloud integration
  • Study of automatable elements
  • Implementation of tools