Experience meetings with HD video and Ultra HD Voice audio.

Your meetings have never been this productive.

Video Conference

Easily host or join a fully-featured meeting through a browser, computer, or iOS , Android with a consistent experience across all.

Synchronous Meeting

Meetings between participants and instructors that are held at the same time of day.

Face to Face

Become More Enganging
Be More Effective
Develop Trust and Transparency Easily

Virtual Meeting Platform with Complete Features

Share, includes features and a comprehensive security toolkit to provide you with a distinct competitive advantage every time you join a virtual meeting. 

Share allows all features for Remote day-day of Education, Law, Medical  and other such organizations.

Share Classes

$ 12
99 Month
  • Remote - Class Rooms
  • Remote Questions/Answer
  • Write to Instructor


$ 4
99 Month
  • Remote -
    Sunday Bible
    House Patry
  • Remote -
    Weekly Bible Study
  • Remote - 24/7 Worship Services
  • Remote - Partner Discipleship Services


$ 29
99 Month
  • Pre-Hire Consultation
  • Online
    Client Consultation
  • Share Legal Docs
  • Sign Documents


$ 34
99 Month
  • Remote -
    Patient Doctor Appointments
  • HIPPA Compliaint
  • Global Medical Institutions

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