Network and infrastructure

Fluidity. Profitability. Compliance.

Network infrastructure management is all about holding your systems and networks together and keeping them in top working order. It’s about managing both the equipment and the systems within your IT infrastructure, including computers, servers, security platforms, routers, etc., to keep business processes running smoothly.

Our infrastructure and network service supports you during your technological transformation. We work with you to assess your needs, create a cost-effective strategy, specify and purchase hardware and software, advise you on the best strategies to deploy solutions, and help you integrate your equipment.


Network planning and design.

Infrastructure optimization and integration of multi-vendor equipment.

Transformation of your network from a legacy system to a reliable and efficient configuration.


Management of the network architecture, implementation of consolidation and convergence operations.

Study and deployment of WAN/LAN/VOIP access as part of network life.

Installation and configuration, development of technical files, training of teams.

Support N2/N3

Incident handling (analysis and follow-up).

Proactively maintain and manage your network.

Reactive assistance for the daily life of your teams and expertise for your IT infrastructure.

Modernization and integration strategy

Wherever you are on your transformation journey, we can help you achieve modern infrastructure, manage complexity and secure your infrastructure, move to the cloud, build agility, improve user experience or increase compliance. We help you optimize your infrastructure as a whole.

Advice and management of the DataCenter infrastructure

Our expertise helps our customers better manage both increased traffic and security issues in data centers and provide you with all the support you need as part of your migration, the management of your infrastructure, and of your interconnection links and much more…

Our fields of intervention in the datacenter are diverse and we adapt to your needs and we offer tailor-made solutions.

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