What is Sophos?

In today’s digital age, businesses and organizations face an ever-increasing threat from cyber-attacks. To help protect against these threats, organizations need a comprehensive approach to cyber security that covers all aspects of their IT infrastructure. That’s where Sophos comes in.

Sophos is a cyber-security platform that provides IT security solutions to businesses and organizations. Sophos offers a range of products and services including endpoint protection, network security, cloud security, encryption, and threat intelligence. Sophos’ solutions aim to help organizations protect their networks and endpoints from cyber threats such as viruses, malware, and other types of serious cyber-attacks.

Sophos is known for its innovative approach to cyber security and is widely recognized for its expertise in endpoint protection and threat intelligence.

How can Sophos protect your organisation from cyber-attack?

  • Sophos Cloud Security: Sophos’ cloud security solutions are also designed to help organizations protect their data in the cloud. With the increasing use of cloud computing, organizations need to ensure that their data is secure and protected from cyber threats. Sophos’ cloud security solutions provide advanced protection against cyber threats in the cloud, helping organizations to keep their data safe and secure.
  • Sophos Email Security: Sophos provide threat intelligence, reputation and behavioural analysis & state-of-the-art machine learning with multi-layer protection to secure your inbox with malicious URL’s and malware.
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  • Sophos Network Security: In addition to endpoint protection, Sophos also provides network security solutions that help to protect an organization’s network from cyber threats. These solutions include firewall and network access control, which help to prevent unauthorized access to an organization’s network.
  • World’s Best End Point Protection: Sophos Endpoint protection automatically detects and prioritize potential threats and quickly see where to focus attention and know which machine may be impacted.
  • Sophos Virtualisation Security: With the growing no of organizations that are adapting to virtualizations to save cost by reducing hardware footprints. Sophos helps to secure your virtual desktop infrastructure and servers with a fully featured server security. Secure your organisation’s virtual desktops, web browsing and ensure data loss prevention using Sophos.
  • Sophos Ransomware Protection: Organisations often delegate their IT infrastructure set up to third-party Vendors. This enables third-party vendors to connect to your network making themselves vulnerable. Adversaries gain access to your environment through these third-party vendors allowing them to conduct all sorts of malicious activities from data theft and extortion to ransomware.
  • Sophos Firewall: Sophos Firewall is known for its ease of use, robust security features, and flexible deployment options, making it a popular choice for organizations looking for a reliable and effective network security solution. Sophos Firewall also includes features such as deep packet inspection, encrypted traffic, cloud sandbox, web protection, user identity etc. to control and manage network traffic.


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Ethic-IT provides comprehensive solutions using Sophos for businesses & organizations to protect against cyber threats. With a range of products and services designed to provide protection against cyber threats, Ethic-IT offers a complete approach to cyber security with in-house certified experts that organizations can rely on.

We believe complicated cyber security is bad cyber security. More cyber security products mean more to buy, more to deploy, and more to manage. We deliver cyber security with fewer costs, add-ons & fewer headaches with the most advanced technologies to keep things simple and effective.

We are Official Sophos partners in the Middle East, North Africa & Europe Region.