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What is the cloud ?

The cloud, we have all heard about it and yet it is a tool that is not yet mastered by everyone. The cloud is a way to relocate your computer resources, whether it is data storage or applications. Thus you gather your elements in a place accessible from anywhere. That’s right! Because contrary to what one could imagine, the cloud is not located in the sky but on earth in what is called “Datacenter” or data center, these immense farms of servers which allow to make transit, store, and treat data.

The cloud allows you not to have to worry about a computer “infrastructure” and not to ask questions such as : 

– Where is my data and how to access it?

– Is my data safe?

– Do I need to renew my IT infrastructure hardware?

The Cloud allows you to always have enough resources (computing power, storage space) and to access your tools and data from anywhere.

The Cloud comes in different forms :

  • IAAS : Infrastructure AA Service
  • PAAS : Plateform AA Service
  • SAAS : Software AA Service

Underneath these acronyms, the degree of control that one will have over the environment is in fact hidden.

SAAS for example is aimed at users who simply need to have access to a tool and data, this is the most common model (example: Most CRM are available in SAAS).

 While PAAS is intended for organizations that need to manage these applications and data, and IAAS increases the degree of control up to the operating system, these last two use cases are rather intended for IT professionals.

But what does the Cloud actually do ? 

To put it simply, with the Cloud, you only need to have terminals at home, such as a computer, a smartphone or a tablet, and an Internet connection, nothing more, everything else is outsourced.

But then, how to choose the right Cloud ?

Several elements must be taken into account 

First of all, durability: You have to make sure that the provider meets the different security standards, that the data is well replicated in different places and that they are well backed up, it is essential.


Confidentiality: Some of your data is certainly confidential, so it is important to make sure that the chosen cloud meets the GDPR standards and that they do not have a policy that is too intrusive.

Security: The providers must guarantee the security of your data against attacks and intrusion attempts.

Technical support: This is a very important point because there is no such thing as zero risk. In case of problems, you need to have reactive and efficient contacts.

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